Thursday, November 23, 2006

Getting Everyone Back in the Game
"More important, I have already seen the Wii appeal to people who would never pick up an Xbox or PlayStation controller. At Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house in New Jersey, there was my 59-year-old stepfather, who hadn’t touched a video game since Pong, locked in a tight golf match with my 21-year-old cousin. There was my aunt clamoring for her turn. And most shocking, there was my mother, 61, whom I had been trying to get into video games for two decades, playing tennis so vigorously she bruised her finger."


Mike said...

In response to:

"Nintendo [does not have] the latest, snazziest graphics, the most realistic physics modeling and all of the other bells and whistles that [Microsoft and Sony's] top-end systems so amply provide."

But they don't! Their most popular games do not provide the best physics model. Most first person shooters have terrible physics! They look great in screen shots but once things start moving around, the realism just goes right out the window!

Rantinator said...

There was a link floating around a while ago. Someone was complaining that young drivers were having problems because they learned to operate a car using mainstream video game physics. The result was these kids thought they knew how a real car would move and they were not in control of the vehicle.

Rantinator said...

In other commenting, Nintendo did a great job picking up on where they could grow their customer base without competing head to head with Sony for the stereotypical gamer.