Monday, September 04, 2006

They didn't call him "The Stingray Hunter"

Steve Irwin died after being stung through the heart by a stingray.


Lakin Wecker said...

I always wondered how and when he would go. I figured it would be some sort of animal. He wouldn't have had it any other way.

Rantinator said...

Scott Adams wrote:
I had ten dollars bet on "misjudged the speed of a crocodile." Something tells me that the media already had his obituary written with a fill-in-the-blank for the specific creature that killed him.

Lakin Wecker said...

The funniest part is that it was a stingray. I've swam with them in the Cayman islands. They're like kittens. They only sting you when they're really scared.

And it had to have stung him _right_ in the heart for it to be that fatal. You have to wonder what he was doing.

Rantinator said...

You have to wonder what he was doing.

Or when the video footage will appear on the internet. :(