Monday, September 18, 2006

Parents deliver fast food through a school fence.

A group of mothers has started delivering fast food through a school's fence in protest at the campaign for healthier school meals.

There are quotes like "I don't know what my kids weigh but it's not always down to what they eat, it's as much to do with their genes" from a mother.

A spokesman for the chef said "If these mums want to effectively shorten the lives of their kids and others' kids, then that's down to them." He also explained "If parents are struggling to afford a school meal, then they should make the effort to construct a proper lunchbox with fruit and veg, dairy, bread, and protein — which can be done for under £1.20 — instead of taking the lazy option."

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Rantinator said...

Two Jamie Oliver quotes:

"I'm sure that parent loves that child, but the kid comes home and says, 'Mummy, I'm tired' and the parent thinks, 'Red Bull gives you wings' and you might as well give them a line of coke, to be honest."

"I’ve spent two years being PC about parents. It’s kind of time to say if you’re giving very young kids bottles and bottles of fizzy drink you’re a fucking arsehole, you’re a tosser. If you’ve giving bags of shitty sweets at that very young age, you’re an idiot."