Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feed From The Frink?

... and on the 8th day The Frink said "Let there be RSS" and so there was. It came to pass, and the people saw it and said "It is good". They spake truthfully for indeed it was good and so say we all!

Chad's Open Journal

... and then, on the 9th day they said to The Frink "Yeah, and let too your favorite quotes be of RSS" and The Frink said "Hold now, what do you think? Do you think I can just extend the hours in the day?! I am not magic damn it!" and so the people bowed their heads and prayed "Maybe if we ask really really nicely?" and The Frink said "well maybe... I've been very busy... but perhaps I'll get bored on the 13th day, after I spend the 10th and 11th day fsking my drives..." and the people knew not of what he said, but nodded their heads anyways.

So say we all.

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