Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is this guy serious?

Hello everyone,

My name is Allan Hart - I'm a friend of Mike's who was invited to join this blog. This morning while I was perusing my daily comics I came across one that I thought at least Mike would find amusing, and hopefully the rest of you too. I'm amused by Calvin's notion that being happy is having the power to crush the opposition. Mostly I just like his facial expression.

I suppose this is a peculiar way to introduce oneself, but one thing you'll quickly learn is that I'll often dare to be different. Apparently I may know some of you from university, if not by name then at least by appearance. Thanks for the invite, Mike. Hope to meet you all at your next breakfast meeting. Mike mentioned Thursday evenings at around 5:00. If that's the case I'll hope to see you later on today!

- Allan

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Mike said...

I have informed Allan that today's gathering has been rescheduled.