Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ready Set Rant

On your marks... get set...


Rantinator said...

- Vancouver (BC) road signage. The worst I have ever seen. Hey boneheads: Tourists are looking for the f*cking ferries and getting lost!

- Having to "sign in" four f*cking times to create my "Rantinator" blogger user name. Create a username, then create a blog, then pick a blog style, then I don't even know why!

(I am allowed to swear in here? I mean will I upset you as you worry about your kids? You know, your little angles, the ones that asked me to buy beer for them and their friends.)

- Peter's selling a "small" milk shake that is nearly the size of the regular shake (and still costs $3.00). We want one about half of the regular size. (The small is not on the board but you can ask for one.)

- On the cruise ship you give me a card. It lets me charge things to my room. When I do it gets swiped and my picture comes up on the computer screen. Why is the card not good enough to tell the bar tender I am old enough to be served alcoholic beverages? Instead you require I go and get my regional-issued drivers license? Are you familiar with every form of picture ID from North America? For what it's worth who even knows what country, if any, we are in and what laws apply?

- Wendy's is the only place that sells a tasty "spicy chicken sandwich". I did not say a "hot" sandwich. I said a "tasty" sandwich.

- A&W: if I wanted that much mayonnaise I would have gone to the grocery store. (Probably 30 ml with no exaggeration.) (By the way kudos for the "if you put mayo on my burger I will kill you" scene with Bruce Willis.)

- By the way mayo and french fries? what the hell are you thinking?

- Canned ravioli manufacture: 90% of the daily recommended intake of sodium? How the f*ck did you manage to do that? Why on earth were you trying to do that? Are you trying to give your customers heart attacks?

Rantinator has come online.

Rantinator said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rantinator said...

Fuck you

- I post the comment and get another sign-in screen. When I try to sign in I get "The email you provided does not exist". What email is the message about?

- I click on "Forgot your password?" and am asked for my username yet again.

- I click "continue" and get prompted with a viusal CAPTCHA. Boneheads: put this on the previous form page.

- I get the message "There are no accounts in our system with the E-mail address which you entered."

I *never* had anything to do with but it's a good idea so I will go take it later.

- I tried a different browser and discover the comment I was trying to post has been posted twice.

PS: this ranting is all in fun. I don't believe systems like this actually get used by people.

PPS: Well maybe. I talk to people who re-install Microsoft Windows "every few months". They actually believe that is the way computers are supposed to work.

Lakin Wecker said...

I've never had that many problem with this system. Oh, and some people need to have the questions split up into multiple screens. Too much on one screen and the get confused.

emo_ninja said...

KFC has the Big Crunch -- which comes in a spicy variety -- I recommend. IT IS TASTY.

Rantinator said...

lakin: My guess is the site might be setting cookies for domain names other than the current page and my browser setting is to reject those cookies.

emo: I don't recall if I have tried that sandwich. If it has the messy drippy sauce it loses points in my books.

The flame-thrower burger at Dairy Queen is a tasty sandwich. You might have thought they only had cakes and blizzards but they also have sandwiches.

On that note: I split a blizzard. We had two flavors mixed. I picked oreo and she picked cookie dough. Don't bother trying the cookie dough. That's just weird.